Students are required to complete a total of 8.0 Full Course Equivalents (FCEs) to graduate. These include:

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Students are required to complete a total of 8.0 Full Course Equivalents (FCEs) to graduate. These include:

MSC 1000: Foundations in Translational Research (1.0 FCE)

Instructors: Joseph Ferenbok & Rich Foty 

Translation is the process of moving knowledge between domains of inquiry. Broadly speaking, the goal is to help move discoveries, research, and knowledge from theoretical inquiry to real-world applications that improve human health.


  • Discuss research, discovery, translation, and commercialization landscape, 
  • Explore key issues, tools, and perspectives on mobilizing knowledge, 
  • Understand translation thinking, TR tools, and the Translational Pathway(s) 
  • Engage in a broad range of TR conversations with multidisciplinary experts. 
MSC 1002: Overview of Methods in Practices & Contexts (0.5 FCEs)

Instructor:  Christopher Klinger 

Explore the methods through which we acquire and make apparent knowledge in a variety of contexts, from early stakeholder engagement to implementation science.


  • Critically engage with qualitative, design, and quantitative methods used to acquire and share knowledge 
  • Build skills such as interviewing, sketching, ideation, and qualitative user testing  
  • Gather evidence for iterative improvement of problem-solving designs 
  • Assess strategies for interdisciplinary collaboration and interaction 
  • Understand how knowledge generation and its application can lead to new and better ways of improving health care
MSC 1003: The Rhetoric of Science: Information, Media and Communication Literacy for the Sciences (0.5 FCEs)

Instructor: Sandy Marshall 

Communicate clearly and persuasively. Learn how to communicate complex concepts to a range of target audiences to accomplish specific outcomes.  


  • Experiment with style, delivery, structure, and voice through weekly assignments, 
  • Collaborate with a community partner and propose a communication strategy to target a specific audience, and 
  • Communicate effectively through a substantive written assignment. 
MSC 2021: Capstone Preparation (1.0 FCE)

Instructor:  Adriana Ieraci 

Make an immediate impact. Work with a partner client to practice the skills and tools that will be fundamental to the 2nd year capstone project.


  • Apply Translational Thinking framework to better understand relationship between research and practice  
  • Explore problem space through environmental scans, market research, and primary qualitative and quantitative research  
  • Engage in user-centred design research and idea generation exercises
MSC 4000: Capstone Project in Translational Research (2.0 FCEs)
MSC 4010: Core Modules in Translational Research (2.0 FCEs)
Anat’s Testimonial

Anat’s Testimonial

“Everybody wants better healthcare systems. At TRP we learn how to make it happen”

- Anat Segal-Shalev, 2017 Cohort