Core courses and modules

Explore the TRP’s course offerings, from core courses to modules. See what kind of skills you will walk away with and who you will learn from. 

Core courses are as follows:

  • LMP2300 Foundations in Translational Research – 1FCE (September – April) 
  • LMP2301 Projects in Translational Research – 1FCE (September – April) 
  • LMP2322 Information, Media, and Communication Literacy for the Sciences – 0.5FCE (September – December) 
  • LMP2320 Overview of Methods in Practices and Contexts – 0.5FCE (January – April) 
  • LMP2330 Capstone Project in Translational Research – 2FCE (September in 2nd year – until done) 

Modules can vary in delivery format and content, but generally run for 5-6 weeks. TRP will be offering a variety of modules over the 2023/24 year and other module requirements can be selected from IMS or LMP and other qualifying departments. Students should plan to take 4-6 modules in their first year. 

Students are required to complete eight modular courses (0.25 FCE each) within 2 years of study. Students may enroll in modular courses using ACORN. The modular schedule will be emailed to students. 

Module enrolment add and drop dates: 

  • Add date: no more than 15% of the module has been completed. (i.e. 1 session) 
  • Drop date: no more than 50% of the module has been completed (i.e. 3 sessions) – let TRP know 

To complete your degree requirements, you need to take 1.0 FCE in electives (courses offered outside the program). 

We recommend that you take your electives in year 2. Electives should contribute to your learning outcomes, capstone project or career objectives. Before registering, students must first discuss their choices with their TRP IDP advisor. Electives must be graduate-level courses. 

Your choice of elective must be approved by the TRP prior to the final registration date of the given term.  

Explore our courses

LMP-2390-Innovating-Medicine,-Health-and-Care Course cover image

LMP 2390 Innovating Medicine, Health and Care

The instructional content provides a high-level overview of innovation pathways for devices, services, diagnostics and therapeutics primarily in Canada, US and EU, with active ideation and creative problem solving.

LMP 2349 Student Work and Research Module (SWARM)" Classroom photo of students sitting in a circle in the TRP Auditorium

LMP 2349 Student Work and Research Module (SWARM)

At the end of the module, students must demonstrate a range of skills associated with project management, effective communications, collaboration, design thinking, implementation science and reflective evaluation.

LMP 2348 Knowledge Translation & the Community: Paper cutouts of people icons holding hands

LMP 2348 Knowledge Translation & the Community

At the end of the module, students will have gained insight into a range of knowledge translation approaches/frameworks/tools and implemented a knowledge translation approach/strategy in a community setting/with knowledge users that addresses a specific gap.

LMP 2346 Grant Writing: Hands typing on a laptop keyboard

LMP 2346 Grant Writing

This module focuses on building structured outlines and learning how to solidify your objectives when writing a grant application.

LMP 2344 Translational Thinking: Glowing brain with network surrounding it

LMP 2344 Translational Thinking

This module is designed to allow students to apply the Toronto Translational Framework to define their Capstone project’s.

LMP 2340 Project Management: People collaborating in a meeting

LMP 2340 Project Management

Learn project management fundamentals for healthcare; valuable for TRP Capstone and broader healthcare careers.