Student Work and Research Module (SWARM)

Course Description:

The SWARM module is conceived as a “mini capstone” experiential learning opportunity. The participating TRP students propose and implement a small collaborative project (10 - 12 hours of individual contribution toward implementation each) guided by the Module Facilitators and an SGS appointed Faculty Member. SWARM projects shall demonstrate a focus on integrative reflective learning and result in outcomes that demonstrate clear, specific and individual learning objectives for each participant and tangible benefits or contributions to ‘Translation’. Projects may vary in nature and can range from secondary research to prototyping or knowledge translation.  For example, a SWARM project may explore a method such as piloting a focus group, developing a marketing plan, or testing a proof-of-concept.  The deliverable may be a report, an artifact or a guide for future students (eg. quick guide to focus groups).  A group may also work with a community partner to design and conduct a survey.    Specific rigorous learning outcomes and deliverables must be outlined in the SWARM proposal.  Proposals must be assessed and approved before the project is started in order for credit to be granted on completion. Offered: Winter 2021; Wed 4 – 6 pm; Jan – Apr *Only available to TRP students*

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the module, students must demonstrate a range of skills associated with project management, effective communications, collaboration, design thinking, implementation science and reflective evaluation. Students should be able to demonstrate initiative, leadership, accountability and responsibility through the successful execution of the proposed deliverables. Upon completion, students will be able to: (1) Indicate an understanding of planning and executing TR related projects; (2) Exhibit the ability to collaborate on TR related projects; (3) Exhibit initiative, responsibility and accountability for a TR related project; and (4) Display evidence of networking and collaborative strategies.

FCE Weight:

0.25 FCE

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Capstone Project:

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