Translational Thinking

Course Description:

This module is designed to allow students to apply the Toronto Translational Framework to define their Capstone project’s.  The module is designed as a series of workshops and follow up activities intended to move students through the process of understanding a specific problem space, defining a range of patient-centric needs; analyzing a specific gap to define a particular problem, and to be able to articulate that program in the form of a research proposal. This module is meant to supplement the introduction provided in LMP 2301 and apply the learned approaches to develop or refine a translational capstone project.

Learning Objectives:

The main objective of this module is to facilitate students as they use the Toronto Translational Thinking framework to: (1) Explore project domains, needs & problems, (2) Identify project teams, resources & milestones, and (3) Develop a clear capstone proposal for review

FCE Weight:

0.25 FCE

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Capstone Project:

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