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Learning above compliance

I am making an appeal, not an apology. it is an invitation to the tire and stifled masses yearning to breathe, to break free from convention, the tyranny of context-stripping teaching and cross the inflated oceans Tuco create more learning focussed playgrounds coos...

Leading Outside the Box–OMSA conference! #OMSALS2022

You are a CEO of an international company that sends flowers to people.  But all the flowers in the world have suddenly gone extinct!  What do you do? This was the problem faced by participants at the OMSA 2022 Leadership Summit as Geil, Kimberly, Sam and Joseph...

Why We Teach To Unlearn: The Non-Traditional Path Of Translational Research

Why We Teach To Unlearn: The Non-Traditional Path Of Translational Research “We’re not teaching knowledge, we facilitate the learning of a new mindset”, explains Dr. Joseph Ferenbok, Director of the Translational Research Program (TRP) and Assistant Professor in the...

MHSc in Translational Research

To prospective students & trainees:

We are committed to doing our part to contribute to a more equitable and just society. We believe that excellence and innovation are amplified by a diversity of people with unique backgrounds and experiences.

We believe that anyone can learn to be more creative and innovative. We welcome students and practitioners from all backgrounds and perspectives committed to improving medicine, health, and healthcare.

To encourage diversity in our program, we remain firmly devoted to a holistic individualized review of each applicant.  This human-centred approach is part of our DNA and a value behind our efforts to cultivate a community with a diversity of perspectives where people are welcomed, respected and supported to learn and achieve their full potential.

Excellence and innovation have many faces. Consider adding yours to our community.

Joseph Ferenbok, Director, TRP

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The Program

Applying (scientific) knowledge to improve medicine, health & care!

Drive impact and innovation in health and care!

The TRP brings together a diverse range of students, mentors, and thought leaders – from researchers to clinicians to industry professionals and beyond – together we learn from each other as we work together to solve real-world problems.  

TRP classes are a rallying point for discussions and peer learning, while hands-on projects and co-curricular activities allow you to tackle real-world challenges while building your networks and understanding. 

You’ll learn through guidance, mentorship, feedback and support rather than lecturing and exams. Through customizable coursework options, you focus on the skills and topics that match your goals.  The TRP curriculum is designed to facilitate your personal growth and professional development.  

Core Elements

Three core elements work together to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Impact health and care

Learn to think differently

Establish your networks


Develop the transferable skills to navigate complex healthcare systems and lead innovation that improves the lives of people and communities.  


Master the Toronto Translational Thinking™ framework and take on real-world challenges through a people-centered approach. 


Drive positive change alongside the world-renowned entrepreneurs, clinician-scientists, and basic researchers that make Toronto an innovation hub. 





What our Alumni Say

Paige’s Testimonial

Paige’s Testimonial

The TRP is unique because the faculty plays a partner role in your learning. They encourage your personal interests to guide your projects.

Agnes’s Testimonial

Agnes’s Testimonial

The TRP program is an excellent opportunity to learn new effective techniques that facilitate change. It challenges you to think and ...

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