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Entrance Scholarship Announcement

4 TRP Entrance Awards of $5,000 ea for applicants who submit their materials on or before April 30th, 2018!

The Benefits of Applying Early

The Translation Research Program (TRP) is a cohort-based program where student interaction and contributions play a significant role in the learning experience.  To promote a range of ideas and perspectives we try to select a diverse interprofessional and...

#UofTGrad17 Tiffanie Kei shares about her Capstone with Faculty of Medicine

As one of the first graduates of the TRP, Tiffanie Kei shares about her learnings from her group's Capstone Project to address wait times for U of T’s Health and Wellness Clinic's service provision to university students. Read full interview here. How can we improve...

Our Mission:

To provide transformative experiential educational opportunities through training, support and mentorship for innovators who catalyze the transformation of (scientific) discoveries into problem-solving designs with tangible benefits for human health.


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Program Features

You learn to think differently because we facilitate learning differently.  The TRP is designed to help you push your boundaries and get you to move beyond your comfort zones.

Experiential Learning

The TRP is based on learning contextually to demonstrate skills and competencies through real-world projects, self-directed learning, networking and problem-solving.  Our Approach…


Although a rigorous professional Masters the TRP is designed to be flexible aknowledging other life opportunities and responsibilities. Program Path…

Competency focused

Although a rigorous professional Masters the TRP is designed to be flexible aknowledging other life opportunities and responsibilities. Learning Outcomes

Shape YOUR career:

through new network connections, experiential learning, and professional skills development.

“[TRP is] transformative … it rewires your brain!


Our Courses

Our courses are designed to be learner driven and competency focused You learn by doing and do by learning.

Foundations in Translational Research

An overview of Methods and Practices in Translational Research

The Rhetoric of Science


Capstone Prep

Capstone Project in Translational Research


Modules in Translational Research


Polycystic kidney disease, tuberous sclerosis complex After having completed my medical degree at Laval University (Quebec City, Canada) in 2010, I underwent resi...

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