Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Business Model Design

Course Description:

Entrepreneurship is one pathway to the implementation of and to capturing value from new health and medical discoveries. Over the last few years, numerous initiatives have targeted scientists, encouraging them to become entrepreneurs and commercialize their research. All scientists should have a basic understanding of both entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship, the use of techniques from entrepreneurship in large organizations. With this understanding they will be able to identify new opportunities for their work, become entrepreneurs themselves, or identify and collaborate with the talent they need to drive their innovations forward. Offered: Winter 2021; Thurs 1 – 3pm; Feb 25 – Apr 8

Learning Objectives:

Students interested in this module will be curious about commercialization and interested in entrepreneurship (or intrapreneurship) as a pathway for translation of their discoveries. Students will learn: (1) The business model canvas and its application to health and life science start-ups, (2) Basic elements of a business model at an introductory level, developing the vocabulary and the ability to identify key concepts including customers, market, competition, regulation, intellectual property, operations, and financial model, and (3) How to use data and information to drive their business model design decisions

FCE Weight:

0.25 FCE

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