LMP 2351

0.25 FCE
Learning Outcomes: (1) A self-awareness of their leadership strengths and weaknesses; (2) Knowledge of what motivates them to act and how to motivate others; (3) An understanding of their tendencies under stress or adverse conditions and how to manage them for different pressures; and (4) Increased comprehension of how others perceive them as a leader, and tactics to improve and develop into the leader they aspire to be.



This module will equip students with an understanding of different leadership styles, people management, and how to lead a team. It will include an opportunity for students to discover their leadership preferences, as well as their tendencies under stress or adverse conditions. Self-awareness regarding one’s strengths/weaknesses, motivations, and tendencies are vital for effective leadership, and a leader’s ability to adapt to different teams and environments. Equally as important is to understand how others see you as a leader. To this end, students will conduct a 360 to gather anonymous feedback from peers, supervisors, and subordinates (where applicable).

Teaching Team:


Course Instructor

Lorne Hartman has been a researcher, practitioner, and educator in the arena of human performance and organizational effectiveness for over 45 years.  He has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from McGill University (1977) and has held academic appointments at the University of Toronto and York University. Dr. Hartman has partnered with leaders at all levels of business, government and education to help them implement strategies successfully.