Vaishnavi Batmanabane
Clinical Research Project Coordinator
The Hospital for Sick Children


Research Interests: Ocular Genetics, Translational Research

Bio Brief

I am currently a full-time research Coordinator in the Ocular Genetics lab at the Hospital for Sick Children with a Masters in Health Sciences, Translational Research, from the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto. My background as an ophthalmologist drives my passion in patient-centric research with a special interest in using patient-reported outcomes to mould clinical care and therapy delivery. In addition to doing my own projects, I am also engaged in clinical trials at the HSC site, writing manuscripts and managing study related administrative issues. I am also trained in Process Re-engineering (Lean and Six Sigma certified), Medical oversight and Good Documentation Practices, and Data management software like NVivo. For my Masters at the Translational Research Program, I worked on a project with the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine, to deliver a tool that will help with grant evaluation and scoring of grant applications based on the translational scope. This tool will be used as an educative and communicative interface to help researchers improve success in bringing their therapies to patients.

Other Highlights:

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