Shaf Keshavjee
Vice Chair
Innovation, Dept. of Surgery, University of Toronto


Research Interests: Subject Area Themes: lung transplantation, lung injury, lung preservation, ischemia reperfusion injury, gene therapy, IL-10

Bio Brief

We have developed a technique of lung preservation (LPD solution) that has lead to significant improvements in lung function after transplantation. This solution has now been translated into clinical use in our lung transplant program as well as in transplant programs around the world. We have explored several areas in ischemia reperfusion injury including the role of complement and cytokine related lung injury related to reperfusion. This work is done in cell culture models, rat single lung transplant models and pig single lung transplant models. Our major project is gene therapy in lung transplantation. We are working on techniques to genetically modify the donor lung so that it is better able to deal with the stress imposed upon it by the transplantation process. We hope to address both ischemia reperfusion injury and obliterative bronchiolitis with gene therapeutic techniques.

Other Highlights:

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