Serena Thompson
Vice President | Sickle Cell Association of Ontario
Sickle Cell Association of Ontario

Brief Bio

Serena was born in New York to West Indian parents who had never heard of Sickle Cell Anemia. Jaundice in her eyes at birth prompted the doctors to test her and once diagnosed, Serena’s and her family’s lives were destined to come across a substantial amount of hurdles medically, emotionally and physically. No longer able to hold a full-time job, keeping healthy, learning to cope with stress and living on her own is challenging but can be manageable. As a single mom living in Toronto with sickle cell anemia, Serena is dedicated to helping those who are also affected, by sitting on The Sickle Cell Association of Ontario’s Transition Team. Her main focus is to reach out to the community through information sessions, conferences and social media. Serena has joined the Miss Caribbean Canada Pageant Planning Committee to liaise with the contestants and help educate them more about sickle cell disease. She is the Chair of the Ujima Sickle Cell Patient Emergency Fund and sits on both the Healthy Debate committee and on the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council