Sarah Diaz

Brief Bio

Sarah graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honor's Bachelor of Science degree in 2019, majoring in neuroscience and molecular biology, and minoring in physiology. Throughout her academic career, she has had the privilege to see what research and patient care entail through professional and volunteering experiences. Some of these places include William Osler Hospital, a private pharmacy, and a small biotech company called Meditech International Inc.

Sarah thought that her passion for medicine and patient care was going to lead her directly into pursuing a career as a medical doctor. Although this is something that she is still considering, she would like to see where her growing interest in neuroscience research takes her after experiencing the role of a student researcher in the Kim Lab at UofT. Sarah's current research interests include the pathophysiology of human neurodegenerative diseases and mental health/illness.

With her insightful professional experience, she is motivated to ask and explore real questions that will hopefully improve patient care and advance medicine. Sarah is now looking forward to embarking on a journey of professional and personal development with the TRP program to become equipped with the tools necessary to help re-shape healthcare and positively impact the field of medicine.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys learning instruments, running with her dog, painting, and playing competitive indoor/beach volleyball.