Saddaf Syed
Practice Coordinator
University of Toronto

Brief Bio

Saddaf Syed is a refined medical researcher with over 10 years of quantitative and qualitative research and project coordination experience. She has worked with U of T as a Research Project Coordinator and with not-for-profit organizations as a Program Coordinator. Her areas of expertise include protocol development, REB applications, recruitment, and quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. As a TRP graduate student, Saddaf has acquired an in-depth understanding of the processes along the research continuum. She has mastered knowledge in intellectual property, project management, leadership, professionalism, entrepreneurship, clinical trials, clinical investigator program, translational thinking, procurement (privacy and regulatory affairs), grant writing, and economics of health care. Her interests focus on maternal health, sleep studies, regenerative medicine, medical devices, and stroke in young adults.