Richard Aviv
Affiliate Scientist
Physical Sciences, Hurvitz Brain Sciences Research Program, Sunnybrook Research Institute


Research Interests: Subject Area Themes: Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Functional computed tomography imaging, Perfusion and permeability

Bio Brief

Dr. Aviv's principal areas of research are stroke and advanced computed tomography (CT) imaging. He is also involved in the following research activities: prospective study of prediction of hemorrhagic transformation using CT permeability study of image reconstruction algorithms for CT dose reduction computational models of CT perfusion thresholds for predicting tissue fate study exploring vascular etiology in multiple sclerosis using magnetic resonance perfusion markers of disease severity as surrogate markers of disease burden and correlation with cognitive impairment CT angiography "spot sign" predicting primary hematoma expansion STOP-IT Study (Spot sign for predicting and treating intracerebral hemorrhage growth), investigating the effect of recombinant factor 7 on hematoma study of spot sign in intracerebral hemorrhage (SPOTLIGHT; co-PI, steering committee member and study radiologist) collaborative projects studying prediction of metastasis response to stereotactic radiotherapy using magnetic resonance imaging dynamic susceptibility contrast and permeability imaging.

Other Highlights:

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Lunch ‘N Learn with UHN Open Labs

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