Peter S. Pennefather
Associate Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Department of Pharmacology; Medical Science, University of Toronto


Research Interests: Subject Area Themes: Cardiovascular/Neuropharmacology, Neuronal and Cardiac Ionic Signals

Bio Brief

Dr Peter S. Pennefather, Ph.D (Pharmacology), is a professor at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Toronto. He has expertise in neuroscience, cellular biophysics, health informatics, health systems, and knowledge media design. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles and three patents. He is cross-appointed in the departments of Physiology, Pharmacology and Institute of Medical Science at UofT. He has been a member of a number of Advisory Boards and Grant Review Panels. He is president of gDial Inc., a start-up company developing services around accessioning, indexing and authenticating large collections of digital record based-information. His current research focuses on wellbeing-relevant raw data research and on global knowledge sharing within health systems. This work occurs within the the Laboratory for Collaborative Diagnostics (LCD) and the ( located in the Dan Pharmacy Building. Together with Dr West Suhanic, co-founder of the LCD and CEO of affiliated gDial Inc., he is developing the BioTIFF software platform for managing petabytes of big raw data that have been atomized into indexable and encryptable data quanta. This activity can be carried out using the Intercase hardware platform, an open computer web server design. He is also developing LED based light guide for supporting imaging of vibrational spectroscopy signatures for medicinal products using commodity DSLR cameras.

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