Patrick Clifford
Director of Research and Innovation
Research Institute of Southlake Regional Health Centre


Research Interests:

Bio Brief

Patrick Clifford is currently the Director of Research and Innovation, at the Research Institute of Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket Ontario and CreateIT Now the Southlake-owned and operated on-campus health innovation centre. Patrick’s responsibilities include oversight of research operations and infrastructure (including the REB) and advancing innovation and commercialization activities along with culture building, through strategic collaborations with industry, academia, funders and other key partners. Currently Patrick is charged with leading the development and implementation of Southlake’s research agenda and advancing the innovation and commercialization strategy which includes growing partnerships and collaborations with private sector ventures wishing to test and/or validate wide ranging health-focused technologies with Southlake clinicians in an acute care, large community hospital environment. Patrick is also engaged in Southlake’s health sector leadership role in innovative, outcome-based, procurement practices.Patrick brings 32 years of health care experience in acute care to his current role. He holds an MSW, BA, BSW and BEd. and continues to practice as a clinician on a periodic basis in an emergency mental health setting.

Other Highlights:

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