Research Interests:

Bio Brief

Passionate about exercise science and the different pillars of health, Lexiana completed her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Queen’s University. Also during her undergrad, Lexiana completed the Queen’s Law Certificate and completed a Mini-Stream in Athletic Therapy, working with the Queen’s Varsity Football Team. Her involvement with various health-based clubs at Queen’s sparked an interest in how different factors can affect the healthcare systems in Canada. With her fascination with the health-related research, she did on the club called ‘Raise the Bar’ as well as her strong desire to make a difference in the healthcare system, Lexiana was led to the TRP program. Lexiana is very excited and eager to begin her time with the TRP program.

Other Highlights:

TRP director Joseph Ferenbok wins the IMS Graduate Course Director award

Congratulations to TRP director Joseph Ferenbok on receiving the IMS Graduate Course Director award at IMS50 Scientific Day!  The award recognizes his leadership and work in the development of the TRP program. Ferenbok is the Director of the Translational Research...

Found in Translation: New PIPEDA Data Breach Reporting and Notification Requirements-What You Need to Know

Written By: Dr. Gabriella Chan Is my information safe? Do you remember every account you’ve ever created or every point of contact you’ve made online that required your personal email address or your mother’s maiden name to receive a “free” product? Probably not. The...

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