Jim Slotta
Associate Professor
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education


Research Interests:

Bio Brief

I am a professor of education, interested in media and their impact on our various practices and (in turn) the communities in which those practices occur. Schools are one such place — both K-12 and university levels — and I have spent my career looking at the impact of the Internet, computers, mobile phones, social media, and many forms of interactive technologies. What is the classroom of the future? How will students and teachers work together to give meaning and purpose to their efforts, and shape their further interests? What is the role of media in supporting their efforts, such as by scaffolding different knowledge building practices? What is the role of the physical classroom space, furniture, etc? How can we meaningfully connect student activities at home, in class, and everywhere in between, to support the notion of a learning community? What is the role of the teacher in such a community, and how can we help teachers learn such new forms of practice? I have been fortunate to work closely with everyone listed on this site — both present and past — through a variety of projects and partnerships. It has been wonderful to watch the ideas bloom as new members of our community arrive each year. It is also wonderful to watch those ideas take root in new forms as members move on to their next big thing, though never really leaving this community!

Other Highlights:

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