Janine Robb
Executive Director
Health & Wellness University of Toronto


Research Interests:

Bio Brief

Janine Robb joined the University of Toronto as the Executive Director of Health and Wellness in 2009. Janine actively pursues a broad health and mental health agenda, leading initiatives that have included campus-wide anti-stigma campaigns and health/mental health education programs for student leaders, staff and faculty. Janine also leads work aimed at increasing access to health and mental health services through building strategic partnerships and collaborative programming across the campus and with other stakeholders. Janine oversaw the establishment of a Mental Health Advisory Committee that developed a mental health strategy for the University. She was a President of the Canadian Organization of University College Health (COUCH) and the first Co-Chair of the Student Health Community of Practice, Canadian Association College and University Student Services (CACUSS) and currently the President of the Ontario University and College Health Association (OUCHA). Janine has been involved with the National College Health Assessment survey since 2009, was active in the national uptake in 2013 and saw the University of Toronto centralize their institutions participation in 2016.

Other Highlights:

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