Jacqueline Cahill
CEO & Cofounder
The Canadian Continence Foundation


Research Interests:

Bio Brief

Jacqueline Cahill CEO – The Canadian Continence Foundation. Jacqueline graduated from McGill University and has for most of her career worked in the non-profit sector. She has held the position as CEO of The Canadian Continence Foundation (TCCF) since 2005. During this period the Foundation has not only increased in national recognition as “The Patient Voice” for those living with incontinence it has also put this taboo condition on “the map” as a chronic condition which can be treated and often cured. To this end, Jacqueline has been successful in harnessing government’s attention through Access to Treatment and Reimbursement advocacy initiatives, as well as forming a National Incontinence Coalition, comprising of Canadian Patient Organizations representing those living with incontinence. Jacqueline has fostered close alliances and partnerships both nationally and internationally with many stakeholders who share an interest in improving incontinence care, management and treatment. Her primary areas of expertise are: Patient Advocacy, Patient and Public Education and Awareness, Public Relations and Fundraising. Jacqueline is an active member in the following professional and patient organizations: World Federation of Incontinent Patients,(WFIP): Vice-President International Continence Society,(ICS): Chair: PCC, committee member: SSC Canadian Society for Pelvic Medicine: Treasurer My primary areas of expertise are: Patient Advocacy, Patient and Public Education and Awareness, Public Relations and Communications.

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