Frank Shannon
VP Clinical, Regulatory and Quality
Ripple Therapeutics


Research Interests:

Bio Brief

Specialties: Strategic navigation of international quality and regulatory requirements for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biologics and combination products; Development, implementation and management of quality systems; Clinical trial, observational study and registry design and execution; Clinical and market development for pharmaceuticals and medical devices; Medical-scientific leadership and training

Other Highlights:

TR Talks: Healthcare Specialists Charted Into The Uncharted Territories Of Translational Science and Doled Out Invaluable Clinical Insights

Collaborations, failures, and a non-conservative attitude in risk-taking are the key to a successful translation. Zoya Retiwalla| TRP | February 16, 2020 "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller. At the core of successful translational...

Why Translational Research Is A Lifestyle, Not A Job

Dr. Avrum Gotlieb for the LMP & TRP | May 2021 This is a wonderful field of study that is very challenging and at the same time brings joy as Translators identify, tackle, and solve important problems in the health care field that impact the welfare of healthy...

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