Viraj Mane
Technology and Venture Development, MaRS Innovation


Research Interests: Genetics, biology, medical countermeasures, nanotechnology. Areas of Translational Research: medical devices, diagnostic assays

Bio Brief

Dr. Mane is an entrepreneur and co-founder of ventures in mobile, web, community health, and medical devices. His current focus is commercialization of therapeutics in the Toronto area with MaRS Innovation. Dr. Mane has built expertise in biomedical sciences (including nanotechnology), and delivered programmatic support of medical countermeasures for Ebola. His patents, products, and publications are reflections of his technical abilities and, more importantly, his drive to move from ideation to creation.

Other Highlights:

Translational Challenges in Disseminating New Treatments: TRP Alumni, Andrei Iliuta  

In patients with polycystic kidney disease, it’s an effective therapy to reduce kidney volume. That is one if the conclusions researcher and TRP graduate Andrei Iliuta came to during his fellowship with Dr. York Pei at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network, where he studied schlerotherapy.

HIIO (Health Innovation Implementation in Ontario), an Online Resource for Health Innovators in Ontario

Written by: Paige Gilbank “Canada is a leader for the development of innovative health technologies. However, in Ontario, there are no widely accepted, consistent pathways or processes for implementation and many seemingly great innovations fail to penetrate our...

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