Peter Lewis
Global Neurodegeneration Translator
Rosetta Therapeutics


Research Interests: Research interests include neurodegeneration; the structure and function of chromosomes with specific reference to gene regulation; and protein folding.

Bio Brief

An accomplished biochemist, Dr. Lewis studies neurodegeneration, chromosome structure and function, gene regulation, and protein folding. As CEO and co-founder of Rosetta Therapeutics, he is creating new matter to find a cure for neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases. Dr. Lewis is a global educator. He has been an academic leader and faculty member at U of T since 1974. He served as Associate Vice President, Research and Innovation specializing in Global Research Partnerships from 2010 until 2016. Prior to that he served as Vice Dean of Research and International Relations in the Faculty of Medicine for seven years.

Other Highlights:

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