Mingyao Liu
Director of Research
Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto


Research Interests: Subject Area Themes: signal transduction, inflammation, lung transplantation, acute lung injury, drug discovery, cell death, nano-drug delivery, cell motility, tumourigenesis

Bio Brief

We are focusing on the ischemia-reperfusion induced lung injury in lung transplantation, and the cellular and molecular mechanisms of acute lung injury. We have developed nano-particular based drug delivery systems for hydrophobic drugs/chemicals. We are developing a high throughput drug screening for ischemia-reperfusion induced lung injury. Another major research interest is the role of adaptor proteins in signal transduction. We have cloned an adaptor protein, XB130 (AFAP1L2), which can couple protein tyrosine kinase to the PI3K pathway in cells. We have generated xb130 knockout mice through collaboration. We are exploring the role of XB130/PI3K/Akt pathway in lung tissue injury/repair and tumourigenesis.

Other Highlights:

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