Heather Manson
Chief, Health Promotion
Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention, at Public Health Ontario|


Research Interests: 1) Evaluation of complex public health programs and systems. 2) Life course approach to chronic disease prevention. 3) Appraisal and synthesis of evidence to guide action for public health interventions planning and policy development. 4) Investigating the burden of chronic diseases and their risk factors, through a health equity and socio-ecological lens. 5) Investigating health promotion processes and strategies.

Bio Brief

Dr. Heather Manson engages with researchers, practitioners and policy-makers in core areas of health promotion, chronic disease and injury prevention to generate and accelerate the application of evidence into policy and practice through supporting public health research, evaluation, knowledge synthesis, knowledge exchange and capacity building. Areas of expertise Health promotion and chronic disease and injury prevention Health and social burden of chronic diseases Health equity Knowledge synthesis, exchange, and dissemination Evidence-informed public health policy Evaluation of complex public health programs and systems

Other Highlights:

Preventing Cancer with Exercise: Three Common Questions

Physical activity not only improves the mental health of cancer patients, but there is compelling evidence regarding the relationship between higher physical activity levels and reduced risks of several cancer types.

TRP During COVID-19

“Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.” – Max McKeown.  

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