Carey Toane
Curious Translator
Entrepreneurship Librarian, University of Toronto


Research Interests:

Bio Brief

Carey is inspired by the ways in which our work can bring positive change to the world. As Entrepreneurship Librarian, she accelerates that change by helping U of T startups find the information they need to support their ventures. She draws on her experience as a business librarian, marketing journalist, editor, copywriter, literacy volunteer, poet, and content marketer in Canada and the Nordic Region. Carey is an educated educator with an infectious passion for learning. She is constantly seeking and disseminating new perspectives on important topics. She is currently assessing the impact of librarian support in experiential learning environments. She brings her curiosity and creativity to the TRP as an instructor for the Rhetoric of Science course.

Other Highlights:

TRP student Craig Madho and Jonathan Chio share their Pillars of Health Experience with the Science Community: IMS Magazine

One of the biggest questions students often have on their minds is what to do after they graduate. “The path to getting there is difficult­­­­—especially in the modern health science,” wrote Jonathon Chio and TRP student Craig Madho.

Student Feature: Dr. Ibrar Mustafa

As an internationally trained physician with a secure future, moving to Canada was a huge step for Dr. Ibrar Mustafa. Fuelled by his passion to further his medical training and oncological research acumen, he chose a professional program that would allow him to hone...

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