Beth Murray-Davis
Associate Professor Scientific Director, MMRC
McMaster University


Research Interests: Midwifery experiences of complicated pregnancies, client decision making regarding place of birth, nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, stillbirth, interprofessional working and learning

Bio Brief

Dr. Beth Murray-Davis is an Assistant Professor in the Midwifery Education Program and Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her qualifications include a BA in Sociology (Guelph), a BHSc in Midwifery (McMaster), a MA in Health Profession Education (University of Toronto), and a PhD in Primary Health Care (University of Sheffield). She holds a Hamilton Health Sciences Early Career Award, and is a co-PI for a CIHR Clinician Investigator Team Grant examining Non Communicable Diseases in Obstetrics. Her current research interests include pregnant peoples experiences of healthy nutrition and exercise during pregnancy and postpartum, fetal movement awareness, midwifery experiences of caring for complicated pregnancies, client and health care provider experiences of alternative models of practice for midwives, and client decision making about place of birth.

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