Philippa Beaden
Registered Nurse
Registered Nurses Association of Ontario


Research Interests: Global health Health practice Immunotherapy and microbiology

Bio Brief

Philippa is a Registered Nurse who obtained her BScN (honors) from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and has a love for bedside nursing because of her patients; she has always been people-centered. Having experience healthcare services in and out of Canada, Philippa understands the importance of the influencing factors of optimal health and hopes to share both her research and clinical expertise with health professionals, especially in developing countries and revamping global health networks. It’s her hope to partner with WHO in Global Health programs that will change the lives of people across the globe. She has volunteered with several organizations such as TAIBU Sickle Cell Support Group and Women’s Health in Women’s Hands which led to her nomination and a recipient of the prestigious 150 Canada Youth Award. Philippa is also the Co-founder and Director of Administration for Black Physicians of Tomorrow where she mentors children and youth who wish to pursue careers in medicine, allied healthcare, and STEM by providing resources such as academic support, shadowing, volunteering, leadership, and research opportunities.

Other Highlights:

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