Andrea J. Levinson
Assistant Professor
Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Health and Wellness, University of Toronto


Research Interests:

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Other Highlights:

Translational Challenges in Disseminating New Treatments: TRP Alumni, Andrei Iliuta  

In patients with polycystic kidney disease, it’s an effective therapy to reduce kidney volume. That is one if the conclusions researcher and TRP graduate Andrei Iliuta came to during his fellowship with Dr. York Pei at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network, where he studied schlerotherapy.

Pillars of Health: Innovating for a better future

By: Nida Zafar More often than not, it is difficult for students to understand what opportunities exist for them once they graduate, Craig Madho said in an emailed interview. “Networking and mentoring opportunities are valuable as it allows (students) to build a...

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