Alex Jadad
University of Toronto


Research Interests: Global eHealth Innovation Information Technology Youth and Public Engagement Evidence-Based Decision Making Health Services Research Health Informatics Knowledge Transfer Pain Relief Palliative Care Supportive Care for people living with complex chronic diseases

Bio Brief

Other Highlights:

2021 Orientation Spotlight: Fireside Chat with Jamie L. Block

In September 2021, we held our Fall orientation, complete with hands-on activities in an engaging virtual format. Throughout the sessions, our new batch of translational researchers had a chance to engage with the faculty, the TPR community, and their peers. Providing...

Celebrating IMS50th Anniversary

As part of The Institute of Medical Science (IMS), TRP is joining the IMS 50th Anniversary celebrations this year. With over 600 faculty and 550 students, IMS was established to foster education and scholarship in the Clinical Departments of the Faculty of Medicine....

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