Adriana Ieraci
CEO and Founder
Conveyor Built


Research Interests: Research areas - Primary: Entrepreneurship, Human-Centred Design, Secondary: AI and Robotics, Service Design

Bio Brief

Adriana Ieraci is a designer and innovator who works with emerging technologies such as smart textiles, AI and robotics. Her research interests include the application of artificial intelligence and robotics in health and healthcare, patient behaviour and decision-making, and human-centred design, and innovation. She is the founder and CEO of Conveyor Built, a product and service design firm that uses human-centred design to develop new product and service ideas that use AI and robotics. She is currently leading the research and development of a wearable medical device to prevent muscle loss due to inactivity during hospital stays. Ms. Ieraci has worked with startups and research institutions developing strategy, business models, service and experience designs. She is a human-centred design, service design and technology entrepreneurship lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. Adriana's passion for technological literacy and open innovation inspired her to start the GYBO Robotics Network, a network of over 850 roboticists and robot enthusiasts in southern Ontario. She is a member of the board of the Parametric Human Project. Adriana has a Masters of Engineering from the University of Toronto.

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