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The University of Toronto is a world-renowned university in a celebrated city where knowledge meets achievement, history meets future and ambitions meets inspiration.

Thanks to our highly diverse population, the city provides a rich environment for recruiting research participants. It also offers access to a critical mass of international scholars who bring fresh perspectives to our University community.


Applications are only reviewed when submitted through the official School of Graduate Studies application system.

  1. Start your application here: Apply ONLINE
  2. You will need to “Register” if you are a new applicant or “login” if you have already created a profile.
  3. After completing your profile, select LMTRRMHSC under the Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology as your Degree Program of Study (Degree POSt)
    IF you have any trouble accessing the system please contact us directly at


  • Letter of Intent (1-2 pages / 500 words)
  • 3 Referees
  • Updated CV
  • (Translated) Academic Transcripts
  • Language test scores (if your primary language is not English)

Letter of Intent (LOI)

Your letter should be 1 to 2 pages / 500 words. There is no set formula for a Letter of Intent. However, a strong Letter of Intent should address the following points:

  • Your expertise/background;
  • What makes you interested in the program;
  • What you would like to get out of the program; and
  • An example of a Translational problem or project that requires development and what steps it might take to implement it.


References must be submitted by referees via the online application website.  Once your application fees are paid, you will need to register your referees and provide their institutional email address.  The online system will send your referees instructions for completing the reference.  Your referees must include at least one academic and two individuals who may speak to your capacity and performance.  Your references cannot be family, friends (peers) or other applicants.



You will need to upload copies of your transcript(s). Admission offers may be made based on these copies, however, official academic transcripts are required before registration into the program. You must have your academic institution(s) mail official copies of your transcript(s) to the TRP office as instructed by the application website before you will be allowed to register. Certified English translation of academic record or diploma: If your transcript or degree is not in English, you must arrange to have the document translated by an authorized translation service or your embassy or consulate.


International Degree Equivalencies

Applicants educated at non-Canadian institutions should note that their educational background will be assessed for equivalency with a University of Toronto degree.  You can check your international degree equivalency here

Language Test Scores

Students who have received their previous degree from a university where English is NOT the language of instruction must complete one of the following tests within the last year. If you have taken any of these tests more than one year prior to application, you must take the test again. 

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the Test of Written English (TWE)

The TOEFL examination is offered in two formats: the traditional paper-based format (only offered on specific dates in a limited number of countries), and the Internet-based format (IBT). Applicants in countries where the Internet-based testing is not available must register for the paper-based TOEFL which includes the Test of Written English (TWE) component. The Internet-based tests automatically include an essay rating component which is similar to the TWE. All applicants must satisfy a minimum score requirement on the TOEFL and on the TWE/Essay Rating component to be considered for admission.

TOEFL test code 0982 will forward your results to the U of T School of Graduate Studies.

The minimum TOEFL score requirements required are:

TOEFL*  Internet-Based Exam  

Overall – 93
Writing Score – 22
Speaking Score – 22

TOEFL*  Paper-Based Exam 


TWE Paper-Based Exam 


*See the TOEFL website for more information.

Testing results must be sent directly to the TRP office. (TOEFL excluded.  Code 0982 will have your results forwarded directly to the University of Toronto — see the note above).

Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB)

A minimum score of 87 is required. See the MELAB website for more information.

Certificate of Proficiency in English (COPE)

You must achieve a minimum total of 86. The three tests must combine to at least 86; your writing score must be at least 32, and your Reading and Listening scores must both be at least 22.  Your Oral Proficiency Assessment Band = 7.  See the COPE website for more information.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic

A score of 7.5 is required with at least 6.5 for each component. See the IELTS website for more information.


Student Study Permit (Visa) 

All international applicants once granted an offer of admission must ensure that they hold a valid Student Authorization from Citizenship and Immigration Canada in order to study in Canada. In some cases, a Temporary Resident Visa is required before entering Canada. Under no circumstances should a student leave for Canada until confirmation of acceptance of admission to the University of Toronto is received, and holds a valid entry visa and student authorization.  Prospective students should contact the nearest Canadian Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate as soon as they receive an offer of admission.

You can also visit the University of Toronto Centre for International Experience website for information on obtaining a study permit.


International Student Fees 

International fees apply to non-exempt international students. It includes the University Health Insurance Plan premium. All international students must obtain health insurance through the University Health Insurance Plan.


Please Note: 

International students are encouraged to apply early to ensure sufficient time for review and your visa application.

The SGS application fee must be paid before we may access your application.

Incomplete applications cannot be reviewed. It is your responsibility to make sure that all required documents are submitted by the application documentation due date.

You may check the status of your application on the online application website.

All eligible applicants who complete applications are screened and interviewed, however, not all applicants who meet the minimum admission requirements are made offers of admission.

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As part of the partner projects the Translational Research Program students have embarked on, they are expected to meet with members of their respective organization who will be mentoring them throughout the translational research thinking process. On December 7th one...

Did you know? You can customize your TRP curriculum to meet your needs?

While there are core courses in the TRP every student takes, you can customize your education through modules and electives and make your curriculum your own.

Next Program Info Session: February 16th

Join us at our next information session and find out if the TRP is right for you!

Spread the word about the TRP!

Download our program brochure to share with your contacts.