8 Dec Program Info Session!

December 8, 2021

12 PM EST to 1:30 PM EST

A graduate program where you learn by doing to apply (scientific) knowledge to innovate health, care and medicine.

About this event:
The Master of Health Science in Translational Research is an interprofessional graduate degree program for those who want to learn strategies to more effectively translate research to impact.

Address the healthcare innovation gap
Make an immediate impact with real-world projects
Expand your creative problem-solving
Collaborate with expert mentors, guests, and alumni

Info Session Format:

This is a small group intimate discussion session with the TRP and prospective students interested in learning more about the program. Registration is required and we do ask that if you cannot attend the info session, please cancel your registration giving at least 48+ hours in advance.

We are having a program Information session and you are invited!

Wed 08-Dec-2021 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Early Entrance Award!!!

Apply by February 28th, 2022 to be considered for $5000 entrance award.

Did you know? You can customize your TRP curriculum to meet your needs?

While there are core courses in the TRP every student takes, you can customize your...

Next Program Info Session: February 16th

Join us at our next information session and find out if the TRP is right for you!

Next Health Innovation Huddle: Jan 11th

HI Huddle next Tuesday at 4:30pm! This session will provide a high-level overview of the commercialization and entrepreneurship landscapes as they relate to devices, products and health service delivery in Canada.

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