LMP 2341

Project Management II
0.25 FCE
Learning Outcomes: At the end of this Module students should be able to: (1) Articulate strategies for selecting and evaluating potential projects, (2) Demonstrate the approaches to budgeting and monitoring milestones, and (3) Describe the importance of Agile PM to innovation and translational projects.



This module covers the selection of projects within different organizations, the impact of organizational culture on the undertaking of projects, project leadership, negotiation, and techniques for budget and schedule tracking within the context of the health care profession. Although the course will focus on project management skills necessary to successfully undertake the capstone projects, it will be of value to any graduate students who’s future might involve the coordination, planning and allocation of resources. Project Management, Part 2 is intended as a continuation of Project Management, Part 1. While the first part is not a required prerequisite, students would benefit from (and are encouraged) to complete Part 1 prior to enrolling in Part 2. Offered: Winter 2021; Tues 3 – 5pm; Jan 5 – Feb 9

Teaching Team:


Course Instructor

Steve Szigeti is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream at the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology at the University of Toronto. He has also served as an interactive media and television broadcast executive, researcher, and user experience specialist. Dr. Szigeti has run online businesses and developed and executed business strategies in the public and private sector. He is interested in media and strategic consulting, innovation in broadcast and content delivery, design and developing partnerships between researchers and practitioners.
Specialties: Interactive design, research, user experience, data and information visualization, television broadcast, remix culture, innovation, business development