LMP 2350

0.25 FCE
Learning Outcomes: At the end of this module students should be able to: (1) Articulate a range of skills required for translational research, (2) Demonstrate reflective perspectives on their professional identity, and (3) Views their work relative to other Health Care professionals



Constructs of “Professionalism” span many domains and disciplines with both universal and contextual characteristics in each.  Increasingly, Interprofessional collaboration means that people require competencies, skills and strategies around a ‘supra-professional’ understanding of how multi and interdisciplinary teams establish effective and ethical relationships and practices. The purpose of this course is to provide students with a series of workshops and tutorials that focus on Professionalism and professional skills needed to navigate the complexities of interprofessional collaboration in healthcare and health science contexts. Topics: The intention is for these sessions to be useful for developing professional conduct, competencies and cognition, so please take the quiz below to provide feedback on session topics.

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