Hacking the Networking Code (Hacking Network)

Course Description:

Not everyone is a natural networker but being able to connect with others is a valued skill that is essential in building quality and lasting relationships. Professional relationships and connections are challenging because people feel as if they are putting their self interest ahead of everyone else’s. As a result, when it comes to meeting new people, people feel anxious and awkward. They worry about first impressions and hesitate to make the first step. During life transition stages such as the start of a new career, the need to network and to move ahead is unavoidable and necessary. With new perspectives and strategic thinking, they can approach networking with excitement, curiosity, and an open mind. They will learn how networking can help reach their career and life goals. Technology has also made it easier to discover and leverage much more diverse networks. However, we usually tend to move towards people who look and sound like us. Getting outside our comfort zone helps us meet new people and, more importantly, gain perspective and empathy. With this understanding, we can become better leaders and look to help others more positively and help change their lives. This module will introduce students to the intricacies of core communication skills in networking and discover new opportunities to learn and engage. Students will emerge with a better understanding of their fears and how to address them in specific situations.

Learning Objectives:

Students are curious about connecting with new people. By assessing, analyzing, leveraging their current network in an authentic way, they will also learn how to improve and grow their network by applying the “The Five Hacks for Fearless Networking”. Students will learn how to: (1) Create favourable first impressions, (2) Assess and analyze their current networks and learn what makes an effective network, (3) Ask the right questions and listen to understand, not to reply, (4) Be more comfortable and confident with strangers, (5) Build new relationships by gaining trust and credibility, (6) Address fears related to networking.

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0.25 FCE

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