Clinicians & healthcare workers

Transform the lives of patients and advance your career

Do you see the need for change in healthcare? Do you get frustrated that innovations don’t reach the very ones who need them in time? Do you want to translate research that impacts your patients?

Advance knowledge

Healthcare researchers can make extraordinary advances in our knowledge of diagnostics, treatments and healthcare delivery but these advances are slow to reach those who need it. Enabling change in this field is challenging and involves working with multiple stakeholders who all have different priorities. 

Think differently

At the TRP, we will train you to think differently so you can help implement and expedite the mobilization of research into impactful innovations. To look at issues with the patient at the center, whilst navigating ambiguity, and honing your skills in using scientific research and working with others. 

Asnia Shah

The main reason I applied to TRP was that I didn’t just want to be a run-of-the-mill physician. Physicians are perfectly positioned in the healthcare system to recognize problems in the system. Knowing how to manage them or come up with solutions is powerful.

I want to be able to do something to impact a larger number of people versus impacting individual patients in the clinic. This drive to have a greater impact drove me to TRP.

Asnia Shaw

Current TRP student

How you'll benefit

Uplift your career

By completing our program, you will boost your career, as you will: 

Impact the lives of patients

You will: 

The Program

The TRP is a two-year Professional Master of Health Science Degree. 

You will attend classes, conduct research and work in groups with our diverse, hand-picked cohort which spans a variety of backgrounds and career stages. 

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Testimonials from healthcare professionals

"The TRP has transformed the way I see patient care. It has given me a new lens to see healthcare in a very different way. I will be able to contribute 10X more effectively to Canadian healthcare."
Dr. Shayan Bashir
Dr. Shayan Bashir
Clinical Research Associate with Premier Research
"As a translational researcher, I am now integrating scientific communication skills, needs assessment, and knowledge translation into my vision of the future. TRP has taught me to think outside boundaries and seek out people from different backgrounds."
Dr. Andrei Iliuta
Dr. Andrei Iliuta
MD, MHSC, PhD Candidate at University of Toronto
"The program combines not only research and science but also policy and business, which are very important aspects of translational research."
Helen Liu
Helen Liu
Healthcare Associate - Sagard Healthcare