Project Management

Course Description:

This module covers the definition of projects, project management tools, techniques and organizational and interpersonal issues in project management within the context of the health care profession. Although the course will focus on project management skills necessary to successfully undertake the Translational Research Program Capstone Project (LMP 2330), it will be of value to students outside of TRP. This module is intended to help prepare students for successful careers in health care where the successful completion of projects plays an increasingly important role. The course is designed to help students understand the terminology used in, and theories behind, project management and to help them function successfully in project environments.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, students should be able to: (1) Apply project management principles and practices (including specific techniques) in a variety of project contexts, (2) Determine and describe their own personal goals, motivations, and ways of working individually and within teams, (3) Apply and describe the management and communication techniques and skills that lead to successful project outcomes, (4) Determine when and under which circumstances to apply specific project management techniques, (5) Identify the role of time, cost and quality management in successful projects and determine trade-offs, and (6) Explain the role of communication in project management and demonstrate effective communication both orally and in writing

FCE Weight:

0.25 FCE

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