Foundations in Translational Research

Course Description:

Over the last two decades, translation in health sciences, medicine and healthcare has come to have many meanings and flavours between researchers, institutions, domains of practice and even geographic regions. This class is intended to provide students with insights into the different understandings and approaches to translation, an overview of the translational (innovation) landscape, the skills and competencies involved in translating knowledge towards impact, and the challenges and opportunities associated with these activities. The course is designed to integrate several key learning strategies.  A “flipped classroom” approach to seminar-style topic discussions; a series of team-based case studies; and an expert panel discussion series.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course students should be able to demonstrate: (1) An understanding of the Translational Landscape, (2) The ability to accept different points of views; and (3) The capacity to work with and include others

FCE Weight:

1.0 FCE

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