The ADAPTS Project: Advancing Diabetes Care for Adolescents Preparing For Healthcare Transition in Saskatchewan


The transition from pediatric to adult care for adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus is a particularly challenging and vulnerable period, leaving adolescents at high risk for deterioration of their physical and mental health. Transition programs have been shown to support adolescents, improve their quality of care, and minimize negative health consequences related to transition. Currently, however, no formal transition support program exists in Saskatchewan for adolescents with diabetes. This survey-based exploratory study examined perspectives, anticipated challenges, and needs for transition of adolescents with type 1 diabetes followed in the LiveWell Pediatric Diabetes Program in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and their caregivers. Respondents identified the need for supports to facilitate increasing adolescent independence and negotiation of responsibility for diabetes-related tasks between adolescents and their caregivers. Education regarding smoking, substance use, and sexual health needs to be improved. Adolescents and their caregivers also conveyed the need for information about their future adult diabetes care provider, wanting to meet them in advance, and their preference of in-person individual meetings to facilitate transition readiness. These findings, which better our understanding of transition challenges and needs, will be instrumental in guiding further transition care initiatives to minimize gaps in care, reduce patient and family anxiety related to transition, and improve adolescent health and independence.

Capstone Team: 

Katherine Backman


Capstone Advisory Committee:

Dr. Mark Inman
Dr. Rayzel Shulman


TRP Faculty Lead:

Dr. Joseph Ferenbok