About us

The purpose of this project is to improve graduate student mental health by creating a resource to build and develop the skills that allow for the development and maintenance of resilience. Our goal is to provide a preventative and accessible resource through which students can learn, practice, and share resilience skills in a safe and supportive environment. ​
Project CARE

Capstone defense video

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Team members

Jocelyn Lee

Jocelyn Lee

Jocelyn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-Medical Sciences from the University of Guelph. Throughout her academic career, she has had the privilege to work alongside skilled researchers in the areas of microbiology, oncology, and regenerative medicine. She is also heavily involved in her local community, serving as a youth literacy tutor for marginalized communities and mentor to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Alex Moore

Alexander Moore

Alexander is an innovation and UX professional with 10 years of experience developing products and experiences in the financial planning and retirement space. He's looking to apply his foundations in design thinking and translational research to bridge the gaps between clinical care and current research; solving real problems that will make decisions easier and lives better.

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Radhika Prabhune - TRP Alumni

Radhika Prabhune

Radhika is a bilingual (French/English) full-time student, and she is always on the lookout to learn something new. She's joined TRP in the hopes of gaining experience in new fields of research and finding work she is truly passionate about. Her thesis on the effects of cholesterol metabolism on Alzheimer's disease opened her to the field of neuroscience and related psychology. In the future, Radhika hopes to work more directly with people in healthcare, keeping a particular focus on mental health and psychology.

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Project Advisory Committee

Ryan Butler

Dr. Ryan Butler

Associate Professor of Nursing, University of Southern Indiana

Dr. Ryan Butler has extensive experience with the management and evaluation of HRSA grants focusing on the design, coordination, and evaluation of interprofessional clinical experiences. Dr. Butler's work centers on preparing students for interprofessional practice and promotes the use of academic-practice partnerships among diverse student teams, practice partners, and patient populations.

Steve Joordons

Dr. Steve Joordens

Professor, University of Toronto

Steve was initially trained as a Cognitive Psychologist who performed research related to human memory and the distinction between conscious and unconscious influences. More recently though, his research has shifted to focus on the effective use of educational technologies in general, and especially to support the develop or core “Skills of Success” like critical and creative thought, effective two way communication and collaboration, and metacognitive awareness. Some of the research is laboratory based, but a lot of it occurs in the context of real classes.

Jennifer Poole

Dr. Jennifer Poole

Associate Professor, School of Social Work at Toronto Metropolitan University

I am a learner, educator and re-searcher with a PhD from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto. I am an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) and Adjunct Faculty at a number of universities across Canada. I am interested in sanism(s), interrupting colonialism and white supremacy, in critical 'mental/health' and madness, death, grief, heart break and transplant, critical qualitative research and pedagogies.

TRP Supervisors

Edyta Marcon, Advisor, Capstone Committee, Instructor, Supervisor, TRP Team

Dr. Edyta Marcon

Concept Translator Senior Research Associate, Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto

Edyta loves to encounter new questions, apply new knowledge, and meet new people. As a Senior Research Associate at the U of T Donnelly Centre, she currently studies how RNA modifications regulate gene expression and how they relate to human health and disease. Her interests extend beyond the laboratory into the application of scientific research using human centric design thinking.

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