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This project aims to reduce the Heart Function clinic patients’ average in-clinic wait times by at least 10% from baseline by April 30th, 2023.

LMPRC 2023 - Kimberly Crasta speaking with Dr. Michael Ohh


This project plans to:

  1. Determine the most significant contributor(s) to redundancies, unnecessary work, or not efficiently utilizing the time of individuals working in a healthcare setting.
  2. Identify one area for change that could increase the efficiency measured by work completed per time unit and/or decrease the cost of resources used while maintaining a high quality of care for patients within the cardiology clinic. 
  3. Develop a prototype of an intervention that will be testable and implementable in a cardiology clinical setting that aims to remove or reduce the contributors to the identified area to increase healthcare efficiencies.

Capstone defense video

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Team members

Mohamed Abdalla

Mohamed Abdalla

Dr. Mohamed Abdalla graduated from medical school in 1996, and specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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Kim Crasta

Kimberly Crasta

Passion for community development, an inclusive health care system and my personal health journey fuels Kimberly's educational choices. Kim graduated with an Honours Bachelor in Life Sciences Co-op, double minoring in Chemical Biology & Psychology. Over the last nine years, Kim has worked for Autism Canada, THP’s surgical orthopedic clinic, Environment & Climate Change Canada, STEMCELL Technologies and continue to volunteer for three community-based heath education platforms.

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Ellis Gao

Zihan (Ellis) Gao

Ellis completed an Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto with a double major in Physiology and Health & Disease and a minor in Psychology. While entering undergraduate studies driven by the desire to become a surgeon, the opportunities to participate in multiple research and capstone projects have facilitated her interest in research in addition to the medical practices of a surgeon.

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Sai-Amrit Maharaj

Sai-Amrit Maharaj

From a young age, Sai-Amrit has been passionate about the field of healthcare and medicine. During his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences, he founded an online platform that connects leading healthcare professionals to students looking to pursue a career in healthcare. Currently, he is working in Dr. Rulan Parekh’s lab at the Hospital for Sick Children as a Clinical Research Student.

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Project Advisory Committee

Dr. James Brophy

Dr. James Brophy

Clinical Cardiologist

Dr. James Brophy holds a joint appointment in the Departments of EBOH and Medicine where he works as a clinical cardiologist. Research interests are eclectic and include cardiovascular epidemiology, Bayesian statistics, outcomes research, pharmacoepidemiology, health technology assessment, economic analyses and clinical research which are supported partially through a FRQS chair in health technology assessment and evidence-based medicine.

Dr. Nicole Look Hong

Dr. Nicole Look Hong

Associate Scientist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto

Dr. Nicole Look Hong's clinical practice focuses on breast cancer and melanoma. She is appointed as an assistant professor and will focus her research activities on economic evaluations and the application of qualitative methodology in surgical studies.

Tatiana Lomasko

Dr. Tatiana Lomasko

Capstone Committee, Instructor, PAC member

TRP Supervisors

Director Dr. Joseph Ferenbok

Dr. Joseph Ferenbok

TRP Director

Driven to improve patient care, Prof. Ferenbok catapults projects forward with passion, wisdom, and a contagious chuckle. He is an Associate Director of the Health Innovation Hub, a Faculty of Medicine initiative intended to connect, align, serve, and facilitate the translation, innovation, and commercialization of 'Health Matters'.

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