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Young dementia caregivers (YDCs) are people under the age of 25 years that provide care to someone living with dementia. Our project set out to explore how YDCs in Ontario experience social connection, which is defined as “how people connect and relate to one another”. From there, we engaged YDCs in the process of co-design to ideate an intervention concept to improve their social connection, both by and for YDCs. 
Caring 4 Carers LMPRC 2023

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The 2 key objectives of this project were to:
1. Explore how YDCs in Ontario experience social connection.  
2. Engage YDCs in the process of co-design to develop an intervention to improve their social connection.  
The results of this project will recognize YDCs as a vulnerable population with unique and specific experiences. Overall, acknowledging and addressing young caregiver voices can inform the development of novel resources to educate and support YDCs. Additionally, by co-designing an intervention(s), young caregivers can take an active role in addressing their own needs. Consequently, this may lead to improved home care and favourable health outcomes for people living with dementia.

Team members

Allison Alvares

Allison Alvares

Allison is a recent graduate of University of Toronto where she completed her undergraduate degree in Human Biology, alongside a double minor in Immunology and Mathematics.

Mehrdad Farahani

Mehrdad Farahani

Dr. Mehrdad Farahani is a medical professional with an immense interest in providing top-notch health care. He has always tried to explore and employ different research techniques to further expand clinical sciences.

Ty Redublo - TRP Alumni 2023

Tyler Redublo

As a Life Sciences graduate, I had the opportunity to develop skills and expertise in interdisciplinary fields of science & pedagogy.

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Project Advisory Committee

Camryn Berry

Camryn Berry

Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Associate

Camryn Berry works as a Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Associate at the Alzheimer Society of Canada, developing education media and literature for all aspects of dementia.

Dr. Heather Boon

Dr. Heather Boon

Acting VP, People Strategy, Equity & Culture University of Toronto & Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy

Dr. Heather Boon investigates health services and health policies, with a focus on the use, regulation, safety and effectiveness of natural health products and traditional/complementary medicine practices.

Kate Sellen

Dr. Kate Sellen

Canada Research Chair in Health Design (Tier 2), Associate Prof Design at OCADU

Dr. Kate Sellen is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Design at OCAD U and a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Health Design. She is Director of the Health Design Studio at OCAD U. While at OCAD Kate has served on several program committees as well as university-wide committees and initiatives and several hiring committees. Kate was the Inagural Director of the Health Design Master's Program.

TRP Supervisors

Edyta Marcon, Advisor, Capstone Committee, Instructor, Supervisor, TRP Team

Dr. Edyta Marcon

Concept Translator Senior Research Associate, Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto

Edyta loves to encounter new questions, apply new knowledge, and meet new people. As a Senior Research Associate at the U of T Donnelly Centre, she currently studies how RNA modifications regulate gene expression and how they relate to human health and disease. Her interests extend beyond the laboratory into the application of scientific research using human centric design thinking.