MSc, PhD, MSc, PhD, MHSc

Concept Translator

Brief Bio:

Edyta loves to encounter new questions, apply new knowledge, and meet new people. As a Senior Research Associate at the U of T Donnelly Centre, she currently studies how RNA modifications regulate gene expression and how they relate to human health and disease. Her interests extend beyond the laboratory into the application of scientific research using human centric design thinking. Edyta is in constant pursuit of new discoveries that will address the most urgent patient needs. At the TRP, Edyta is an instructor for the Capstone Course. Scientific research has taught her to expect the unexpected and be open to new ideas. She challenges students to do the same. She is a tough and fair educator who helps students set ambitious, feasible goals.

Research Interests:

Edyta’s interests extend above the pure scientific discoveries and into the application of scientific research and beyond. She is a proponent of the human centric design thinking and has experience in project design, execution and implementation. She believes this approach will help identify the most urgent health-related needs and lead to solutions that are aligned with patient’s needs and wishes. She encompasses collaboration and instead of brooding at obstacles or roadblocks, looks ahead to find ways around them.


Senior Research Associate, Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto


"The TRP is unique because the faculty plays a partner role in your learning. They encourage your personal interests to guide your projects.”

 - Paige Gilbank, Cohort 2017