TRP students share their Capstone projects

On Thursday, December 7th, the TRP held their Capstone Presentations as part of the LMP2330 Capstone Project in Translational Research course.

Capstone research projects, conducted in the second year, are an opportunity for TRP students to identify, propose, and execute a meaningful translational research project with tangible benefits for human health.  

Students presented their progress so far in front of their peers. They outlined their challenges and plans for their research, reporting on the progress they have made. 

The audience consisted of recent alumni, instructors, staff and 1st year TRP students who wanted to get a sense of what to expect in their second year. A hybrid event, attendees were in person and online, filling the TRP auditorium.  

Dr. Edyta Marcon, faculty member, and instructor for the course hosted the event. The presentations were a good opportunity for students to practice concisely communicating their research, as they had a strict 5-minute time limit, enforced by Dr. Marcon. 

“Being concise is key. It’s an important skill for presenting to stakeholders as they won’t give you that much time,” commented Marcon.  

Edyta Marcon at 2023 Capstone presentations

The first group to present was Shayna Kay, Amina Ali and Kelly Oyiliagu whose capstone aims to prototype an app to monitor patients for parameters associated with potential adverse effects of CAR T-cell therapy, including cytokine release syndrome, neurotoxicity, and infection. They outlined how they’ve found an industry partner, submitted applications and proposals for funding, and created a project plan and executed aspects of that plan. They also explained their next steps which included designing an app– a main component of their project as well as stakeholder interviews. In their question period, they were asked about how they will maintain the security of the data they intended to collect 

Capstone presentations are a great opportunity for groups to show their creativity. Most students used PowerPoint and Canva presentations but some groups, like “Enhancing Youth Engagement Through Measurement-Based Care”, led by Brianna Dunstan, Izzar Linares, and Matthew Prebeg, used an animated video to introduce and summarize the idea of their project. This team aims to enhance the implementation of Measurement-Based Care (MBC) within Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario (YWHO) Networks. 

After the presentations, attendees moved on to their well-deserved holiday party.  

Stay tuned for pictures from the party posted on our social media channels!  

Take a look at some of the pictures from the Capstone Presentations: 

Find out more about TRP capstone projects. 

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Sam Neumark

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