Why TRP?

Applying to Grad School is a significant and very personal experience. There are many flavours of “Grad Programs” that are geared towards individual strengths and/or specific careers and learning objectives. So it is important to that you make an informed choice–both for your future and for the expectations you have of a program.

Did you KNOW?

TRP has 4 pillars

The program has 4 main pillars. They...


Experiential learning 

  • Learn by doing in self-directed environment
  • Make an immediate impact with real-world projects

Professional skills development

  • Develop translational and transferable skills that will empower you to navigate complex healthcare systems, lead innovations, and transform human health: Collaboration, Creativity,  Critical thinking, Effective communication, Leadership, Networking, Problem solving, Risk management, Team building
  • Pursue the Clinician Investigator Program (CIP) designation with flexible and modular courses to accommodate working professionals

Innovative thinking

  • Master Translational Thinking™ framework
  • Identify needs in health sciences
  • Strategize to improve patient experiences and healthcare delivery

Inspiring community

  • Engineer positive change in Toronto’s commercialization hub, a space shared by world-renowned entrepreneurs, clinician scientists, and basic researchers
  • Be motivated by diverse and exceptional peers and educators
  • Collaborate with inspiring and expert mentors, guests, and alumni