MHSc in Translational Research

What comes to your mind when you hear the word translator?

Your answer would possibly be ‘someone who converts the written word from one language to another’.  A translator in the health sciences plays a similar role, in that the person translates the language of scientific research into applications that improve medicine, health, and healthcare.

The healthcare field is undergoing rapid transformation. This change in tide has brought with it a slew of questions – how are things done, how should things be done, by whom, and what repercussions would this evolution bring forth?

A novel kind of professional is emerging – an applied scientist. These scientists are not always found conducting experiments in a lab or defending their research, they are instead found using science. They believe that the process of turning observations into interventions could help improve patient care.

Translators combine science with unique strategies, out-of-the-box approaches, and actionable thinking from a vast range of disciplines. Disciplines that have seldom been associated with the essence of pure science – business, design, law, and communication.
The Translational Research Program – the first of its kind in Canada, is designed for current and aspiring innovators from interprofessional backgrounds such as – basic scientists, applied scientists, researchers, clinicians, engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs, advocates, networkers, influencers, and risk-takers.

Our students learn creative problem-solving skills, strategies, and competencies to translate scientific knowledge into applications that improve medicine, health, and health care. Through flexible coursework; team-based, real-world translational challenges; and extensive mentorship and networking, we facilitate self-directed and collaborative “learning by doing.” Students gain experience, expertise, and practical insights into the development and design processes. The curriculum covers the translational landscape and strategies needed to develop, test, and implement innovations.

What motivates you? 

What are your goals? 

How do you want to improve healthcare?

These are the questions that will actually help you answer the question – “Are you a translator?” If you want to learn how to have a tangible impact on patient care and be part of bringing interventions that improve health, then the Translational Research Program may be a program fit for you.

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