TRP Students win top spots at GMCA’s Virtual Case Competition: Combating the COVID-19 Crisis 

The Graduate Management Consulting Association at the University of Toronto held their 10-day case competition, Combating the COVID-19 Crisis in March 2021. In this competition, participants had the opportunity to (1) learn how to approach a case (2) tackle real-life business challenges, and (3) present their recommended strategies to judges from our partnering firms.

Case Competition: Combating the COVID-19 Crisis

Participating teams received their case on March 17th. The competition consisted of two rounds: a preliminary and a final round. Each team gave a 10-minute presentation of their recommended solution to a panel of judges from our partnering consulting firms. Presentations were followed by a 10-minute Q&A period. This year GMCA awarded $1000+ in monetary prizes!

TRP Winners: 

28 teams participated in this case competition and two TRP teams won the first and third position, respectively:

Team 1: First Place Winners 

Andres Kohan

Evan Foster

Oscar Palacio

Sally Moy

Team 2: Third Place Winner

Azadeh Bojmehrani 

Congratulations to our students on securing podium positions at this GMCA competition. We couldn’t be prouder! 


“I feel very lucky to have been a part of such an incredible team with my TRP peers! The GMCA Case Competition was a great way for us to apply our learnings from class! For example, our group spent a lot of time understanding and defining the problem before trying to solve it. As we learned in our TRP classes, if you have 60 minutes to solve a problem, the first 50 should be spent truly understanding it first. The case competition has been a really valuable learning experience for me and I would absolutely recommend it to other students!” Sally Moy 

“Participating in the GMCA mini-MBA case study competition was a very enriching and valuable experience. It was a process that brought many up and downs but with the help and guidance of excellent group members, we were able to think, plan and execute our strategies and recommendations in a highly efficient manner. I’m very thankful for GMCA and the TRP for allowing me to partake in such a great experience. I would have never expected myself to participate in a business case study competition and be the winner of first place along with my team members.” Oscar Palacio 

“Participating in GMCAs case competition alongside my fellow TRP classmates was an amazing experience as it allowed us to put into practice a whole year of learnings. What was really amazing is that every step we took to solve the case seemed logical and natural. I guess that Is why, even though we hoped for it, winning the competition was totally unexpected.” Andres Kohan

“It was an amazing opportunity, people without any experience in consulting started to learn, after 10 weeks they participated in a competition and they won. Never say No, accept opportunities, Try hard, and see results.” Azadeh Bojmehrani