TRP Students Take Over GMCA’s Case Competition
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TRP Students Take Over GMCA’s Case Competition

TRP | August 2022

TRP Students break ground to win top spots at GMCA’s Case Competition, Healthcare: Accelerating Accessibility

The Graduate Management Consulting Association at the University of Toronto held their 11-day case competition, Healthcare: Accelerating Accessibility in April 2022 for students interested in developing and applying their problem-solving skills to tackle real-life business challenges. In this competition, participants had the opportunity to:

(1) Develop their consulting skills and gain transferrable industry experience,

(2) Learn from judges who have successfully transitioned into the industry,

(3) Tackle real-life business challenges, and

(4) Present their recommended strategies to judges from our partnering firms.

Healthcare: Accelerating Accessibility

Participating teams received their case on April 28th. The competition consisted of two rounds: a preliminary and a final round. Each team gave a 10-minute presentation of their recommended solution to a panel of judges from our partnering consulting firms. Presentations were followed by a 10-minute Q&A period. This year GMCA awarded $1000+ in monetary prizes!

Numerous teams participated in this case competition and two TRP teams won podium positions:

Team One: Alexander Moore, Dhekra Al-Basha (Neuroscience UofT), Siobhan Wilson, and Evgeny Osokin (Dentistry UofT)

Team Two: Carola Tuerk, Mary Schmitz, and Angus Lam

We spoke to a few members of these winning teams about their experience at this competition and key takeaways. You can read their stories here:

TRP Students Take Over GMCA’s Case Competition Featuring Alexander Moore and Siobhan Wilson

TRP Students Take Over GMCA’s Case Competition Featuring Mary Schmitz

Congratulations to our students on securing podium positions at this GMCA competition. We couldn’t be prouder!


“I plan to continue applying what I have learned from the Translational Research Program and the GMCA Case Competition to real-world problems throughout the course of my career in healthcare. The biggest takeaway I have from the Translational Research Program is that it provides students with a blueprint to get involved in the startup and incubator space as a means of bringing an intervention from bench to bedside. I hope to incorporate what I have learned from the GMCA Case Competition into this key takeaway and continue learning and applying what I learn moving forward.” Siobhan Wilson

“I plan to take the unique lessons and translational framework from the TRP and apply it to real-world problems so I can really help people and make lives better. The financial industries are changing fast, and considerations surrounding health and healthcare are a huge part of that. Even outside my current field, we’re seeing massive, interdisciplinary changes in how health is approached – I’m particularly excited about the changing attitudes around how mental health is being considered and treated, and I hope to leverage what I’ve learned from the TRP to be a part of these changes.” Alexander Moore

“I am very interested in the field of pharmacogenetics and the challenges around market access and implementation in that domain, specifically as it relates to older adults. I know that the concepts I have learned and the skills I have practised throughout this GMCA course and the TRP will help me in whatever I end up pursuing next.” Mary Schmitz