TRP Students Cross Fundraising Goal In Less Than A Week, Aim For Higher
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MHSc in Translational Research

TRP | December 2021 

TRP Students cross their fundraising goal in less than a week. Aim to raise double the amount. You can make a difference: Help our students reach their fundraising goal in support of the Hospital for Sick Children. 

This year has taught us many things, but learning to stay connected while apart has been the biggest takeaway. As we slowly settled in with the new normal, we found ways to better connect, collaborate, and support each other.

We must carry the baton of resilience and empathy into the new year. At the Translational Research Program, we place central importance on need-centric, human-focused solutions. Staying true to our endeavour, TRP students push themselves to be the change the world needs.

This holiday season, our students are fundraising in support of the Hospital for Sick Children through the “TRP Students for Toys” drive, a student-led initiative raising funds for toys for children of SickKids hospital.

We’re proudly supporting their fundraising efforts for SickKids to use these collections to provide toys to the children residing in the hospital. We hope to spread joy and happiness through the act of giving. By donating, you’re helping our students reach this goal one dollar at a time.

With their efforts and support from our enthusiastic community, they surpassed their goal of raising $1000 within four days, and now they are raising the stakes: going full steam ahead to raise double their goal. Will you help them collect $2000 before the holidays? Get behind them by following the hashtag #TRP4TOYS on socials and consider donating to their cause. Click the button below!

We spoke to our philanthropic students about why this cause is close to their hearts. Read on to get to know them, their cause, and their aspirations better.

Sai-Amrit Maharaj, Team Chair 

My motivation to initiate this fundraiser was due to values that have been instilled in me from a tender age. Selfless service has always been a part of my life at home, which is why I thought it would be great to introduce this to the TRP. This fundraiser will contribute to providing toys and games to the children at SickKids, ultimately spreading joy. The pandemic has resulted in many limitations, but something that it hasn’t taken away is our ability to spread positivity. The core team that has joined me in this initiative, the Translational research program faculty, and those who have donated, have made this fundraiser what it is today. We have exceeded our goal of $1000 in less than a week and the donations are continuing to flow. The Translational research program advocates for championing impact, which is what we are doing here today. I am grateful that we have been able to fundraise for this amazing cause, for the wonderful team that has contributed to the growth of this fundraiser, the TRP, and all donors.


Kim Crasta, Team Manager

As a child, I loved playing with arts & crafts. I got to create whatever I dreamed of and explore the depths of my imagination. I think toys, games, and arts & crafts are defining parts of celebrating childhood. The children at SickKids are not given the choice of freely living their formative years. So, to help children reclaim their carefree years, SickKids usually holds a toy drive during this season. Unfortunately, the pandemic had other ideas, which is why, in collaboration with my fellow teammates at the University of Toronto’s Translational research program, we are raising funds in support of the toy drive. Through this fundraiser, we shine a light on the resilience these children have taught us while celebrating the joy of this season. We wouldn’t have hit our goal of $1000 if it weren’t for our generous donors. There is nothing better than seeing a community unite to change the world, one smile at a time!





Tyler Redublo, Core Team Member

“As a child, I have so many fond memories of playing with toys and games! They helped me express and explore my imagination and creativity. I joined this amazing initiative because I wanted to share these experiences with the children at SickKids! Hopefully, we can bring them some joy during this holiday season.”





Sam Neumark, Core Team Member 

“I decided to join the initiative because I wanted to find ways to enhance the in-patient experience for children staying in hospitals. While I reflect on the fun times I had as a child playing hockey with my friends or building Lego, I recognize some kids do not have that luxury while undergoing hospital-based treatments. Now more than ever, especially with pandemic visitor restrictions, I hope contributing to the Toy Fund will help relieve feelings of boredom or isolation and bring smiles to children over the holidays.





Jaspreet Randhawa, Core Team Member 

Hi everyone, I’m Jaspreet Randhawa! I am very excited to be part of the TRP Students for Toys SickKids Fundraising Initiative! It has always been important to me to give back to the community. Especially during the holiday season, it brings me an immense amount of joy to put a smile on these children’s faces. The Translational Research Program inspires students to come together to support our community, which is exactly what we hope to accomplish with this fundraiser. With the help of these donations, we can bring happiness to the children at SickKids through toys and games!




Support the TRP Students’ SickKids Toy Fundraiser: Donate today!