TRP Outcomes

The TRP is a platform for people to launch or pivot in a variety of fields, roles and careers in the healthcare sector. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and interests and graduate to follow diverse interests and career pathways.

TRP has 4 pillars

The program has 4 main pillars. They...

Examples of where TRP Alumni are working include:

Baycrest Innovation Office, Business Development Specialist (Catherine R)

Danish Trade Council, Health and Life Sciences, Trade Advisor (Robby S)

Ontario Hospital Association, Learning Solutions Consultant (Ahlexxi J)

PhD Student and Clinician, (Andrei I)

UHN, Lung Transplant Clinical-Investigator, Assistant Professor, UHN, (Jussi T)

UHN, TECHNA Institute, Research Analyst (Paige G)

Katie’s Testimonial

Katie’s Testimonial

- Katie Tucker, Cohort 2017

- Katie Tucker, Cohort 2017