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MHSc in Translational Research

TRP | February 2022

Team of innovators, including our student – Azadeh Bojmehrani, won podium place at the Cisco Fast Future Innovation Awards

Powering an inclusive future, Cisco Fast Future Innovation Awards leverage technology expertise and resources to help Canadian organizations innovate and transform their operations.

At the TRP, we firmly believe that innovation is, and will continue to be, the biggest enabler of economic, social, and healthcare change. Our unique approach and knowledge-based teaching model help trainees think differently about health innovation.

Our student, Azadeh Bojmehrani, and her team “DeafAI” entered this competition seeking a solution to a critical focus area in today’s world – accessibility.

In an increasingly digital world, Deaf AI is working towards improving the digital experience with better technology accessibility. Deaf AI uses AI-based sign language interpreters to make the transition from human-based services in sign language to AI-based services in sign language. This organization is working towards making society more inclusive and connected by helping the deaf community communicate with people who do not know sign language.

We’d like to congratulate Azadeh and Team DeafAI for winning a podium position at the Cisco Fast Innovation Future Awards and receiving $100K to develop and nurture their technology.

“TRP helped me to identify and validate the need in a way that can help patients (or persons in need) correctly and open the doors to the new world by respecting accessibility and diversity,” said Azadeh when asked about how the Translational Research Program helped her design the business innovation challenge.

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